Views panel - typo and question

hey Marlin…

there’s a typo in the views panel when clicking on the gear icon at the bottom… ‘selected’ is spelled wrong. (shown in the blue highlight below)

a question regarding the same panel-- is there a way to rename the views after we’ve already assigned a name to them? in the layers panel, we can double click a name in order to change it but in the views panel, double-clicking switches to the named view (which is good).

[EDIT]… okay… answering my own question but i’ll leave it here in case anyone else needs the info… select the view name you’d like to change then press return in order for it to accept a name change.

something else i noticed with the saved views… I haven’t really thought this through but the behavior seems odd at first glance.

while using a single viewport:

– save a view with a shaded viewport (say, perspective)
– switch to another viewport with a wireframe setting.
– restore the saved view and the camera/perspective will return to the proper place but the wireframe setting is maintained… it seems like it should switch back to the shaded setting which was active when the original view was saved.

[EDIT]… oh. i see what’s going on… i expected the restoration of the saved view to switch me back to perspective viewport but it actually changes the current viewport (in my example- the right viewport) to the saved view settings (and maintains the shading settings of the current viewport)…

i’m not sure how windows rhino works in this regard but it does seem as if the Views should restore the viewport to the same one you were in upon originally saving…

i can see how either way could lead to confusion under certain scenarios so i don’t really know which way is best.

In Windows Rhino the saved view is only about camera position, target and projection. The “display mode” (shaded, wireframe etc.) is independent from the “view”.


ah… ok. thanks.
that’s the same thing i’m seeing on mac.

i guess the ‘oddness’ for me is stemming from my sketchup background as its version of Views saves/restores a whole bunch of stuff other than camera settings… (hidden objects, shadow settings, layer visibility, axes location, and more)… plus there’s only one viewport.

mac rhino hasn’t always had these saved view capabilities so i haven’t had a chance to get used to the rhino method yet.

This is not to say that it shouldn’t be storing this info, simply how it works currently. Whether it would be interesting to store other view attributes besides camera position in a future version of Rhino is an good subject for discussion…