Named Views and layer visibility

Is there a way to have layer visibility per named views? Similar to the way sketchup scenes contain layer visibility? This would be very useful to show multiple design options using layers with the ability to present them cleanly by just moving through the named views.

Hi kmwolf,

the LayerStateManager might be your friend and you might couple it with restoring a named view through macros.


Hi clement,

Thank you for your reply. I have been using the LayerStateManager, and I can control layer visibility but it requires me to switch to the named view, and then switch the layer state. Is there a way to link a layer state to a named view? So when I switch to a different named view it automatically switches the layer state? I don’t know anything about macros right now so if you could clarify how my above question might be done using them I would appreciate it.


Hi kmwolf,

here is a small example, lets say you have two named views named “Alpha” and “Beta” and two layer states named identical. To restore “Alpha” you might use this as a button macro:

_-NamedView _Restore "Alpha" _Enter
_-LayerStateManager _Restore "Alpha" _Enter

To go to the named view & layer state “Beta” just change what is written in quotes eg:

_-NamedView _Restore "Beta" _Enter
_-LayerStateManager _Restore "Beta" _Enter

You might add as many toolbar-buttons / macros as you like. To put the above macros in a toolbar button, just hold down your SHIFT key and use the right mouse to open the toolbar-button commands.


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