Layer states, viewmode and named view combined

Ive always wondered if it was possible to have a feature that combines layer states, viewmode, and named views in one click. It would usefull for modeling and drafting.

Iv got this idea from BIM Software like Archicad or Vectorworks where you can store multiple informations in such viewports.
This would really help to organize projects.

Give the command “snapshots” a try.

Wow thank you
I didnt knew that existed and it helps me so much.

Thanks !

I have en issue with snapshot

2 of my snapshots restore correctly
the 3rd one displays this message

I did save my layer state even updated it update before creating my snapshot

Is there something wrong ?

hi @Karim_tabbara the button “Show Details” will show what info will be lost. Does that help?


Thanks for your quick answer
In fact, I should tic the ‘Do not show…’

Then I get all correctly working…