Batch rendering different layers visibility in rhino7?

its 2022… any batch rendring for Rhino7?
like vray has, or badger (that works only on rhino5)
seems like a must have, an i need it :slight_smile:

Maybe _BatchRenderNamedViews will do?

'BatchRenderNamedViews` doesnt give the option for different layer states.
like if i want to render an object indifferent colors, i would to render one color, change color layer, render again… same in animation.
In veray plugin, the batch render lets you load batch of files, each with different layers on, and selec all the named views and animations to render, and 1 click to render batch them all.

seems simple,but dont see it it exists in rhino render.
this link show something close to what would be needed, as in if named views also kept layer visibility states within them, making 'BatchRenderNamedViews` actully work for multiple colors/states batch renders