How to save layer visibility settings with a named view

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask, if there is an option in Rhino 7 for layers visibility to be saved together with named viewport. I know that Cplane saves with a named viewport, so maybe there is a way I can save layer visibility setting with it as well?

This feature is for example in sketchup, where you are able to save different cameras with different settings for each. Lets say I have 10 different cameras, but in each I need to have different things to be seen only. In sketchup you click different cameras and get different visibility combinations as you saved it. In Rhino, as I know, you need to change visibilities manually (with a bulbs) after you click every single named view

Is that right or am I missing something?

Thank you

Although it sounds practical in theory, linking named views with visibility states is quite a nightmare and I talk from experience using Sketchup, specially when I get files from other people.

Sometimes I don’t want to hide anything and the views keep resetting that. It is best to keep them separate.

You can save the layer state with Layer States menu. And name it for instance Camera 01. Then when you go to Camera 01 you can also restore layer state Camera 01. It is just an additional click.

Thank you. Havent known much about Layer States either :smiley: