Undoing visibility?

Hi everybody,

I wonder if we are able to undo/redo visibility changes out of the main undo/redo timeline or layer states.
Something like _SelPrev but with visibility combinations independent of layers.

I’ve read about a new V6 Snapshot tool that saves positions, layer states and views all in one shot, but I think this is not exactly what I mean in this case so it refers to named views and layer states in spite of visibility combinations…

Is it possible to manage this “visibility combinations” anyhow further than Ctrl+Z/Y or select again one by one?

Thank you very much!!

Hi Jordi - LayerStateManager may be what you are after, maybe? It is sort of a subset of V6/WIP’s Snapshots that only deals with the layer states, including visibility. Not sure if that is what you mean…


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Hi Pascal,

Not exactly, so layer states force you to create new layers to manage visibility and I’m looking for a management into the same layer (or out of the layer hierarchy) I think this doesn’t exists and I don’t mean it to be crucial, but it could be a time saver.

I’ll bring up an example:
Imagine it all into the same layer. There are lots of bodies hidden and we do _ShowSelected to light up some of them with a more or less complicated selection (lots of camera movements and adding/substracting selections). We light them up, edit or whatever we need to do with them and when we are done we light the rest of elements up again. Nothing is hidden now.
After a couple of steps we discover we have to recover the first lighted items to edit them again and we don’t want to do the tedious selection again, so the only way seem to be go back all the steps we need with Ctrl+Z until we have the visibility combination we needed, so we are missing the steps done after the _Show. The other option is to do the tedious _ShowSelect again (it’s tedious in this hypothetical case, not always).

It may seem a very theorical assumption, but I’ve found myself lots of times into this trouble even if I’m working with layers for a better modelling management (I do) so many times there are layers very populated and those things happen.

Thanks for your time and answer :wink:

Hi Jordi - the Hide and Show commands, when used with the scriptable syntax, i.e. with a dash in front (-Hide, -Show) allow named ‘hide buckets’ - you can set up macros for saving and recovering these from the hidden objects, and as used with Invert makes a nice sort of Isolate/Unisolate tool.

Does that help at all?


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I think it very does…
But I’m aboslutely not used to the scripts functionality, so I think it’s time to stop and study it.
Thank you very much!!