Naked edges--looking to create surface without using patch

Hi, I provided a picture of what I’m working on. It was created with flat curves, then bent into shape with Crv2View. I then extruded it about 2mm and now I’m trying to create surfaces at the top and bottom (I also just noticed there are naked edges in the extrusion itself). I tried using patch (with a lot of surface spans) but I can’t get the edges within tolerance.

Hello - a description is really of no use without a Rhino file to look at.



Sorry, here it is.
monstera.3dm (9.5 MB)

Hello - in this case, I would make the shape in Top as a curve(s) and extrude it straight up through the shape-

And trim - however, your top view does not correspond to the shape as I think you expect, which will make things more complicated:

monstera_maybe.3dm (5.8 MB)


Thank you so much. Got a closed solid polysurface and learned some interesting things. Take care