I need help creating a surface here. Patch isnt working

HelpPatch.3dm (44.6 KB)


Break your outer curve like this:


then use the two curves with Loft command

AnotherPatch.3dm (312.8 KB)

Thank you! I got it down. But now I cant make it into a solid

Next time add that to the original post :smiley:

at least a picture what you expect would be nice.

Break your curves again:

this time here:

The result is not the best:


Perhaps someone can suggest something better.

If its a closedpolysrf then its fine. However, can you please upload this? I cant get what you did.

If the result you’re after is a closed polysurface (no matter of the number of surfaces. Why not create small surfaces?

simply split the outer closed curve with the lines you’ve added and create patches with each 3-4 groups of curves?

I don’t like doing the job for someone else but I got challenged by myself :smiley:

Aiden_Kashi.3dm (820.4 KB)

Check the layers and the steps. Assuming you don’t want just someone doing the job for you but actually want to learn :wink:

I did not use Patch (cuz I don’t like it) I used Sweep 2 rails instead.

I also had to cheat a little bit, there was small edge still naked and I forced it to close. The polysurface is valid so that should be good enough.

Hi @ivelin.peychev,

The naked edge was caused by the original (red) curve being misaligned at the tip when it was made (explode it to see the small artefacts). If you rebuild it first (and halve the number of points while your about it) you should be good for a closed polysurface.


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Thanks a lot guys!

Hello - making a solid looks like a messy business at best without some idea what the design should looks like but for making the ‘first’ shape, I’d suggest it might be cleaner and more precise like so:

A clean shape curve extruded and then trimmed with the wiggly edge curve.


Yeah, that was my first idea but if you look at his original outer curve from the side you’ll notice that it’s a little skewed

I took that to be an error…


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