Beginner with Rhino: Help needed!

Hey everyone!

I have been working with rhino for couple of months now. Basically self learnt every little thing I know, which is not much yet.

At the moment I am having a ,probably really simple, problem. I am trying to create a surface on a closed NON-planar curve (screenshot). The goal is to “seal” the structure shown in another screenshot. I am having a great trouble in doing this. The reason why i want to “seal” that structure is because I am trying to create “lib and groove” attachment system to the part and counter-part. I am in a belief that the creation is going to be troublesome if i do not make these two parts “solid” before.

I can be totally wrong with my ideas so any other approach is also welcome.

Try using the command SplitEdge along both sides then use the Loft command… Looking at the screenshot you may have issues where there is a radius on the outside and a square corner on the inside:

It doesn’t matter so much on planar surfaces but can cause problems on non planar blending of surfaces and future commands such as fillet and chamfer.

You could try DupEdge command and copy bot the inner and outer curves then Tween between the two to get a central curve that you can use to then extrude and boolean your male and female edges for snapping the thing together.

I’m wondering how you made the object. The curve is the edge of the open object but by the looks of it, you trimmed a slightly bigger object with one or more surfaces. Getting these surfaces back should get you started.

Thank you for replying! I tried these things but unfortunately tweeting did not function that well. Loft didnt work either. The problem was excatly the spot you mentioned.

The proble with the overall model is that I just recently got this from my employer and I dont really know how he created the whole thing. I have to discuss with him.