Help, Removing Naked Edges

So Im very very very new to the Rhinoceros program, Im trying to learn to make 3d models/molds to cast for ceramics I was in the process of building a geometric shaped cup, and I used the patch tool to make a surface from something that was non planar, now after having them all joined together I can not create it into a solid so I can boolean split this object from a square to make a mold. I know its because it shows several naked edges, however I have no clue on removing them, can someone please help before I pull out all my hair

You may want to share your 3dm file so users of our forum can investigate and give better advice that way.

Naked Edges.3dm (3.4 MB)

This file shows the object attached (with the naked edges) and the step just before the making of the surfaces.

your input curves are partially duplicates. explode the curves with Explode use SelDup then delete. join the upper boundary curves and the lower ones

like so
Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-25 um 10.14.28

then use Loft, adjust the seam (the arrows) like so

and you should be good to go, you can ignore the other curves along z.

for the bottom you simply use PlanarSrf then join. only the open edges should remain purple.

After using Explode, and then SelDup its says “no duplicates found. nothing added to the selection”

did you explode the curves or the surfaces? i used your curves, those marked yellow here

also you should not be using patch on such surfaces, that is rather the last option you should be trying for tricky surfaces.

you can also use EdgeSrf or sweep, but that would just be more work, loft is your easiest way to create exact surfaces in this example.

I used the Surfaces

I was trying to make a surface out of something that was non planar, and I couldn’t quite figure it out, my end goal is to make a solid that I can cut out of another solid

you can also just use Cap after you lofted as i described, that will close up your surfaces completely. also i did not see anything non planar going on, the upper and the lower curve produces regular planar surfaces.

After having exploded the highlighted object into 9 curves and 44 segments and using the seldup, im still left with the same “no duplicates found”, should I continue with the loft?

Also my apologies, I am very new

certainly not, that will create non manifold surfaces.

when i select the curves use Explode and use Seldup i can pull all these duplicates aside, if you are not seeing that then you did something wrong…

one thing you can try, click on some of the curves after exploding you should get something like so

that means that there are 2 curves on that location where you need one.

Hi Dakota - please see also


Especially the Level1 and Level2 training materials.