Need help with naked edges please!


I’m a student new to Rhino and I’m struggling with this model. I have some naked edges that I have no idea how to fix and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice.
I started off with just under 200 naked edges and have worked it down to 67 but these last ones have left me stuck.

Here is a screenshot to show the edges I’m having a problem with:


Here’s the file if that helps at all: nakededges_2.3dm (1.0 MB)

Would much appreciate any help or advice.

Thank you!


Hi Octavia - if you zoom in close to the areas with nakeds, you’ll see that there are multiple overlapping surfaces and messy corners -

Since I don’t know how the thing was built and there are no input curves it’s a little hard to say how to approach it differently but what I would do is:

  1. Build an object this size at a file tolerance of .001 at the most. Your file is at .01 and this is just too loose when the overall object is only about 1 unit tall and there are many many little surfaces that are just tiny slivers.

  2. Work from simpler, cleaner curves - I don’t know how you got here but there are lots of junky little surfaces that are just not necessary to make this shape.

I exploded and untrimmed all surfaces and retrimmed them to one another at .001 tolerance. I got rid of many overlapping and useless surfaces. I then used patch to make the top, curved surface as one surface from all the top edge curves,and then trimmed/joined this surface into the edges. Useed Cap to close the planar bottom. I guess it’s OK, but not well made- as I say, better starting curves would help a lot.

nakededges_2_PG.3dm (505.2 KB)

I reconstructed your object from new clean curves (red layer). Compare these with the original curves - for example, by turning on control points or CurvatureGraph .

nakededges_2_PG_2.3dm (566.8 KB)


Thank you for all your help @pascal! Really appreciate it.