Fire extinguisher with build-in fire alarm

Sorry about the title - I’ll see myself out!
All Sub-D fun rendered in KS. Inspired by a vinyl toy I saw on Pinterest, so can’t take credit for the idea. @theoutside - is an “automatically align sub-d control points to virtual circle to create (almost) round hole”-tool on the wish list? Creating circle, placing it correctly, manually distribute control points to best fit, select the control points in question and then run Aling>ToCurve and select circle is not exactly a smooth work flow. And I really hope that polar reflect (or whatever it will be called) is high in the to-do list for either 7.x or 8 WIP - it is sorely missed!



love it!!! That is so awesome!!

yep both requests on the feature pile for future release.

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Haha, what a terrific molde, lighting and renderjob. It’s almost so I believe you actually built it in real life and just took a photo just to just too fool us :smiley:

The details around the valve are great and is this just HDRI lighting?

Haha, So wit! :laughing:

Thanks, @Holo :slight_smile: And yes, all just HDRi, albeit with with a few custom pins for highlights. KS has this wonderful feature, that lets you create new pins based on a specific area of the background HDRi - basically lets clone a lamp or a window and change its position, size, intensity, colour etc. Makes it really quick to get decent results - which I guess, is what Keyshot is all about. Sub-D wireframe as proof that I’m not cheating! :rofl:
Og en veldig god jul og et godt nytt år :christmas_tree: :fireworks:

:smiley: Fabulous stuff!

God Jul til deg og dine også Jakob :beers:

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That’s fantastic. Really nice modelling and rendering.

I’m yet to get started on sub-D modelling since upgrading to v7. This and other examples posted are proving to be very inspiring (and a little intimidating).

Great work.

No need to be intimidated, @MisterB! I had absolutely no Sub-D experience prior to the WIP, so it’s just a matter of throwing yourself at it! If you havent already, be sure to watch @theoutside’s excellent videos on the Rhino Youtube channel - there’s a lot to learn from them/him!

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Good advice, thanks.

I did dabble with T-splines a few years back but gave up when AD acquired it. So I have a little related experience - but not much.

I will certainly watch the tutorial videos. Thanks for the tip.

I made this tool a while ago. It’s not perfect but works in many cases if the points are somewhat evenly distributed: (1.8 KB)

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Thanks a lot @Gijs! I’ll test it as soon as I have the chance!

Hi @Gijs
Just wanted to say thanks again! Just tested it out in a couple of actual modelling cases and it works super!