My second tantation to model a car

this is my second time trying to model a car
I think next time will be better


other details in addition


Thanks a lot. You have put so much effort to show me that on movie. That part about curves was better for me. Thanks also for the second one. I’ve asked mainly because I`ve watched those tutorials from alias lately:
I’m trying translate it in my head to Rhino.

and they are making it different. They create surface on side and they trim out smaller surfaces from it.
I saw that your method is different and I was curious about it. Other thing is mess in my head with knots/control points/isoparms. Thanks for clarifying.

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i have no experience in alias.
it seems to me that the principles are generally identical
(not all )

sorry guys my english is not good.
I will answer in French, :sweat:

I`m also not alias user too. I like parts of this tutorials about building curves and translating it into surfaces. Theory only, not about using alias tools. I wanted to know your method inside Rhino. Thanks a lot for telling me your way. Looks very good and for rendering is more than enough (IMHO). If you will make third car please consider making video from it and sell over gumroad (even without talk but fast forwarded 2x or 4x). I will buy it for sure :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend.


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thank you very much for your appreciation :blush:
I promise you … I will try to make a series of videos on gumroad which shows from A to Z my way of modeling a car only with the rhino tools

Have à Nice weekend


I add other details
rims and tires
my computer is starting to have trouble handling the scene, :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :tired_face:
I have to buy a new computer


here a small tutorial.
you can see how i modeled the rim


I know it is offtopic, but does rhino automatically translate stuff without us knowing ?

I see the post from Marcin in English but the quote from Fares is in French(?) and I am at same time confused and amazed, because if the forum does translate stuff automatically, I did not notice in these two years coming here to see amazing people doing amazing things.

Congrast Fares, the model looks amazing, keep it going !

Hello altamiro
this is the google translation
it was my fault i forgot to turn off translation during my message quote

Thanks a lot for that tutorial.

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Beautiful work one the Clio surfaces! the isocurves distrbution looks super clean! is not easy to achieve this in Rhino keepeing the G at the level you require. Now I want to model another car again XD hehe.


hehehe that’s right, maintaining the good continuity between surfaces has been a hell of a thing job . but it allowed me to learn a lot about the behavior of nurbs wait for me . for the second car models :hugs: … we will find other participants. then we launch the challenge

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it might be just your mesh settings that are too excessive. What settings do you use?

you are right
these were the parameters of the mesh
…I needed to identify the correct zebra contunuity during the modeling

despite I have changed the mesh parameters, I noticed that my computer is not like before, it is very slow these days

C est vraiment superbe Fares, felicitations. Un tres tres beau travail.

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merci alexandre !
ça fait plaisir
Merci aussi d’avoir pris la peine d’écrire en français lol


I would start tomorrow to work on the materials and the rendering


I put an end to this work
I was able to render with rhino 6 and rhino7 wip with difficulty. My computer crashes and hangs a lot.
these renderings were made two weeks ago.
I hope to be able to make other rendering in the future, when I receive my new workstation.

the work is 100% rhinoceros

rendering in rhino7 wip.
i am impressed with the rendering quality in rhino 7 … it is really very cool. despite my limited experience in rhino rendering.
I had some experience in the past with 3ds max and mental ray,
this allowed me to place and play with the parameters of the hdri environment and its light and the parameters of the sun
the material of the car has been downloaded from food4rhino
i only changed the base color. the material was created by Kyle Houchens, thanks in advance, kyle.
thank you for all the mcneel team

rendering in rhino 6