Car modeling Showroom

Thanks for the link! Great work!

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amazing work!!!

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Amazing work. Can I ask a favor? Can you put one of your rendered images first in your first message. The gallery will pick up.on that.

You can see the preview here:

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Thanks! I would but I can’t find the edit button anymore.

hi alejo your model is very pretty, your modeling is clearly clean I don’t know why I didn’t notice your work on the forum … :thinking: (it turns out I didn’t search the galleries well or the subject was old! I am also modeling a car you can watch on this link

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Is there an edit button at the top of the thread?

Love what you did with the CLIO looks clean and well distributed, love the gray clay render too.

I like what you’ve been doing with the CLIO. Now I’m waiting for the final renders

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There is in fact an edit button, but it says how many times the post have been edited and I can see the html code of the post but I’m not able to edit it.

I reverted a change, can you edit it now?

Sorry to mess up the thread with this business. I can clean the thread back out once you can edit again.

No worries about that. I still can’t edit the post.

I jumped i an made the edit. Preview looks great:

You are logged in as you correct?

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Great! Yes I only have one user.

Here a new promo where you can see the model in detail.



I accidentally had the speakers on my machine turned up too loud and the first drama drop scared the living hell out of my dog who sleeps under my desk… I’ll send you the bill for the keyboard she spilled coffee all over as she ran for the hills! :wink:

…which you can pay from all the money you’ll make from this awesome video!

thanks for sharing!!

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I though I would never read a funny comment in this forum. I’ll be glad to pay for that bill once I make some money from this.

PD: I really liked your F1 concept and your air intake design solution. I want to do some subD modeling one more time (this was my first modeling technique like 16 years ago) but I’m kinda stuck with Rhino 5 right now.


get unstuck from v5!

v7 is gonna rock your world!!

I basically have to upgrade to rhino 6 and that would give me acces to Rhino 7 wip. Am I right?