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Thanks to the first contributors in this topic. It immediately got me thinking outside the box about my UI organization after I saw some of your UI ideas.

Rhino 5 more o less was like this:

Rhino 6 | Windows 10 | 3 monitors: Left vertical 32" 4k monitor running at 2500x1440, second 4K 55" TV 60Hz | right vertical 17" HD

Rhino 7 WIP

MyRhino (wish)

Is this dark grey window a Human UI sort of “toolbox” you made yourself?

Not shown is a MMB menu, a x-keys pad full of macros, and occasionally grasshopper on a second monitor.

Is there some trick to putting osnaps or selection filter in the top right corner? I used to have mine there, but every time I opened Rhino they got resized.

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Very cool!
Lately, I started to play with Human UI mixed with Metahopper to make toolboxes for myself and enhance some of the Grasshopper tools.

Mine are getting resized too :stuck_out_tongue: I am waiting for the day they stop.

Is very nice and useful. I was trying to preserve my other software style colours and font. I wish my soft merge Rhino. So I started first using Grasshopper. I’m a car designer but programming is needed in a modern world.

The very best example of UI I use is Unity2019.3. Where you can drag and drop and use CSS for editing the UI.

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Nice and clean!
Do you use a key to pop up the buttons?

Nope, it’s a physical pad of programmable buttons, when I find myself using a command a lot it eventually gets added. I have this model and I’m still just scratching the surface of the stuff it can do. Mine isn’t labeled nearly as nice though. image


I use an old out of production keyboard. Sometimes I confuse hitting a macro for programming and Rhino start executing functions non stop. Still, pads and programmable keyboard buttons are very useful.

Best UI is no UI.


It took some time to get used to, but I really like having so many commands at my fingertips. The problem is that now I have a hard time using rhino without it.

I use a StreamDeck:

They have small screens that are fully customizable, you can add groups(for functions that are related), they can also have preset that are program specific. They’re fantastic tools. They recently added a 32 key one that I already want.


Thanx for all the imput, it made me think a little bit about the layout of toolbars I have. I like to have most of the commands I use visible plus top 5 commands I use all the time for modeling are under ctrl + 1-5

Cheers !

Like that … ?

Hi all,
just started to customize my Rhino to be more friendly for working at night.
Currently I try to find out how to batch replace the Tool Icons with my “halo” versions of the default ones, to maintain readability on dark backgrounds. I couldnt figure it out yet. Any ideas how this can be achieved?

I found the icon files here and updated them with a photoshop batch action adding an outside shine effect: Rhino Toolbar Images [McNeel Wiki]

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Hi @AlanMattano I recognize you replaced the Icons on the “My Rhino (wish)” picture.
Is this the edit of a screenshot, or did you actually replace the icons? If yes, could you explain how you did it? Im currently trying exactly that, but couldnt manage to do it yet.

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Is the edit in Photoshop of a screenshot. I try a lot of combinations till I get that interface example. But is only a JPG image. I invert the colors of the image. It is a possible proposal. In theory, you can invert each icon pix and get the same result. But don´t know if in practice works. If you do so let me know.

Note: You can use Actions tools in Photoshop to do the task automatically for an entire folder.

Thanks for the update!
I created my Icons with a Photoshop action as well. The problem occurs when it comes to replacing the updated Icons in Rhinos interface. I wondered if there is a an icon folder somewhere in the installation, that I can replace the icons in, instead of changing them one by one in the Rhino UI.

Also Im happy to share my updated Icons if someone is interested. Will probably still do some tweaks.