How have you customized your Rhino UI?

Serengeti because I felt that analyzing how people customize their Rhino UI should be a start to discussing the future directions for the UI changes.
I had an idea that we need a new forum subcategory for all UI related stuff so we can store all information, whining and wishes in one place, but I was left with almost no response - which is, as you may know, the worst form of response.

Here is this topic:

I made this thread a while ago, and got no replies.
But at least it’s here for posterity.

Fairly vanilla, for mostly same reasons as mentioned above: It’s not practical to have vastly different interfaces from coworkers when we need to be able to use each others’s Rhinos on the fly. And dealing with the custom UI headaches over the years… so we keep it simple.

I’m a single window modeler 99% of the time, so all tool bars are optimized for that. I have a ton of buttons on my mouse pop as shown in the screen grab. Some are custom. I also use a ton of keystroke aliases.


I made my own dark mode. I use a plug in to get a custom color palate to quickly pick from, and I loaded it with a group of colors I found on a data viz blog, for maximum contrast between all of them.

Also made a middle mouse button toolbar with tools I use a lot, with some attention to submenus, too.

I Set F1, F2, F3 etc through F6 to toggle GridSnap, Ortho, Planar…Gumball, in the order they’re shown on the bottom of the window.

Many many custom hot keys. For various selection commands like SelLast, SelCrv, SelOpenPolysrf, etc. Example: Ctrl-5 is SelCrv, Ctrl-Shift-5 is SelClosedCrv, Ctrl-Alt-5 is SelOpenCurve, same theme for polysurfaces.

The most recent addition, which I use a lot, is ctrl-alt-G for _RelocateGumball, because I hate clicking at that little white bubble and having to click again.

Some of the ideas for doing these things came from a Jean Gorospe tutorial on PluralSight. Worth the one month fee if you’re a beginner and you want to get faster. It changed my life.

you can also drag to relocate the gumball by its origin point by pressing Ctrl just before dragging and then releasing. This is quicker if you only need to relocate its position. Works for the scale handles too.


Hmm… perhaps these three threads should be merged?

I updated my first image now to add one-shot icons that I finally made. I kept forgetting how to reveal them, and now that I know, I can’t be bothered to press control to do that all the time. :slight_smile:

I know. I use the command because I often need to realign the gumball to a specific direction.

i´ve been using rhino since 1999 (i think it was beta then) and have been constantly customizing my workspace.
for teaching i always use the custom workspace.
for my personal use i prefer more textbuttons in a plain, colorless, high-contrast/black&white UI and i like the possibility of organizing the panels in vertical tabs on the left and right margins of my screen.
i tried to group as many buttons as possible in as few toolbars as possible, as - unfortunately - it still happens that minimizing/maximizing operations mess up the interface, and few large toolbars can be rearranged quicker than many small ones.
i use a 43" monitor, so the buttons may seem small on other screens/resolutions.


I prefer a dark theme with some high contrast elements. I came from AutoCad so very used to the black background. I also prefer few toolbars and lots of working space. Hotkeys over toolbars for sure.

I typically choose dark theme on any software if it’s an option. White or light colored backgrounds hurt my eyes after many hours of screen time.

Well, I use the Rhino UI “as is” except some floating toolbars in workspace like section and paneling tools, auxpecker, 3DE math, boltgen.
I tried customization several times but I always reverted the UI back.

hahaha, ı use Keyboard shortcut. 352 shortcut

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FTW! :smile:

…begs the question: How many commands are there in total?

import Rhino

counter = 0

for i in Rhino.Commands.Command.GetCommandNames(True, True):
    counter += 1
print counter

Gets list of command names in Rhino. This list does not include Test, Alpha, or System commands.

938 Loaded
1063 Registered, (may not be currently loaded) ,commands.


1000+ Not including the options (sometimes dozens) in each command… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My head hurts… :face_with_head_bandage:

Pretty minimalist as for a guy with 21:9 screen. :wink:

macros that I have written to make a process and also scripts.I have defined shortcuts to 352 keys.

have multiple screens.

The custom toolbar is sweet!
Same as others, I used to customize my toolbars in previous versions but gave up over the years.
But this sidebar idea in combination with the nearer command console is worth a try.