Grasshopper window to Rhino panel

Hi all. Congrats to the Rhino team for introducing massive UI improvements, which turn easily into more productivity. One thing I’ve been expecting for ages, though, is the integration of the Grasshopper main window into the UI of Rhino:

I remember a discussion a few years back, where the Grasshopper canvas would be “inserted” into the regular Rhino viewports, which could also work. The point here is that the Grasshopper screen area needs to be large enough to be comfortable to use, but by doing so, it covers Rhino viewport(s), panels, etc… There’s ways to make it more usable, but it is not comparable to what we see in other software packages (example found online):


Which version?

I’m not sure what you mean. To my knowledge no version of Rhino and Grasshopper offer UI integration.

Try pOd plugin.

With this you can insert a viewport into the canvas.
It partially solves your problem. I mean the space part.

Cool. That’s an alternative, I guess, depending on your workflow, even if this corresponds more or less to the inverse of what I was aiming for earlier. The first option was pointing towards complete Grasshopper integration within Rhino. Your example is almost suggesting that Grasshopper could be a standalone application using Rhino API behind the curtains. Interesting…

Yes, I do hope one day that a standalone GH could happen, or at least I can minimize the Rhino window in the system background without affecting GH canvas.

There is a GH-like program called BeeGraphy being developed. It can run in browser. May it can give inspiration.