My Rhino.Inside routine

this is a UI thread but connected with Rhino.Inside.
This is my daily routine. I want to stop doing that, but I need to, every time I reopen Revit. They just keep on relocating.

I know there are problems with UI and wanted to add my papercut problem to the pile, so the pile may be more visible.


Hello @Czaja
Browse to this path: %APPDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\settings and see if you can find settings-*.xml and window_positions*.xml files for your Revit version. Rhino.Inside.Revit uses a specific profile for each Revit version that it is running on. The .xml files here are where the settings get stored

I checked this destination and indeed found a couple of XML files.

I’m running a laptop and external monitor which is my main screen, but even after disabling the laptop screen, Rhino inside Revit starts in a smaller window and with dislocated Panels as shown in the video.

Because my regular Rhino Beta is opening correctly (fullscreen and with panels in the correct positions), I tried to copy Default XML and give it the name of RiR XML - that didn’t help.
Also, I tried to delete RiR XML files and start Revit without them - without any change.

Deleting every file from the settings folder completely, affected my Rhino Beta UI but Rhino inside Revit starts the same as it was.

@kike Any idea how to debug and fix this? I can not replicate on my machine