Rhino Inside Revit opens Rhino Automaticaly

Hello all, after updating to the latest pre release build of RIR I am experiencing a peculiar issue with revit 2024. When i open a new blank file in revit, Rhino automatically starts and all rhino plugins starts loading in with out manually clicking on Rhino button on revit tab. I think this is not the way RIR should work. RIR should launch only after manually click on Rhino button inside revit tab. i have already checked the settings too. kindly assist.


Hi Asisintel,

Please put any Revit related items in the Rhino.Inside - Revit forum category, they are easily missed otherwise. Thanks

I’m not able to repeat on a quick test.

Let’s close Rhino/Revit and delete the settings file here…




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Hi @Japhy. I will keep that in mind for the next time thanks.

Now for settings file, the first folder address is not present in my system

For Second folder address i deleted that but the issue persists.

Adding to this, If I open Revit and close it without saving the file (It is to be noted that here the RIR opens automatically too) I get this error.

This is the rhino crash report created on desktop
RhinoDotNetCrash.txt (1 KB)

Thanks, can you repeat this without any other Revit Add-ins loaded?

Either by using this add-in to disable Rhino.Inside®.Revit

or ctrl + shift on the RiR Icon and then choose 1. (opens new instance of Revit)

@Japhy I can now confirm that, without addins too, Rhino is opening automatically. I doubt that theRevit error is not popping up if i run with out plugins but still in both cases rhino is starting automatically

Please open up the Options.xml in notepad and verify this line exists. Thanks

This is the configuration

I have sent you a video recorded in your inbox message

Thanks for the video, Rhino.Inside.Revit is not initiating, its Lands Design.

Let me uninstall and try

But if rhino is not starting then how a rhino plugin is starting automatically without opening rhino. Even without plugins it was opening automatically.

@fsalla your view here much apriciated.

@Japhy lot of plugins are creating bugs with RIR with Rhino 8. Never faced such issues with Rhino 7. Its literally frustrating.

I’m assuming they are using RiR as a backend and don’t have a way of keeping it from starting on demand, vs RiR which if the option is check requires the user to initiate.

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Ok! Lets see what @fsalla has to say on this. Having hard time with rhino8 plugins compatibility with RIR

Note that Rhino.Inside Revit runs in .NetFrameWork 4.8 (vs the default .Net 7 in Rhino 8, Revit 2025 is .Net8)

Will that be a reason for this uncontrollable behaviors. I doubt many other plugins will create issues due to this in future.

The .Net changes are a necessary evolution, plugins that don’t update to run on the latest runtime will have issues.

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Hi @asisintel I’m surprised of that behavior. Lands Design can’t load if Rhino doesn’t load first.

@Japhy why do you think it’s Lands Design? Perhaps you are seeing the Lands Design splash window before the Rhino interface, but Rhino loads first, for sure.

If the problem happens without plug-ins, this issue is unrelated to Lands Design.

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Thanks @fsalla for confirmation. I even uninstalled Landsdesign and have checked, Rhino still opens automatically. @fsalla does this happen on your end with RIR latest pre-release?

They are pushing the button launch Rhino after

Any update on this?