My licence key not valid anymore

Hi there. I just upgraded my Rhino from 5 to 6 but after installation my licence key (starting with MR50) is no longer valid as Rhino 6 licence key starts with RH60.
When I bought Rhino it was never explained to me that one day my licence will expire…I thought it was for life. Can someone please explain this to me? I really do not have the money to buy it again. I already bought it a second time when changing from PC to MAC.

Rhino Licenses never expires, did you add your licenses to the cloudzoo?
someone from mcneel can jump in to confirm.

Your Rhino 5 license key is still valid for Rhino 5. Rhino licenses never expire. You can continue to use Rhino 5 forever with you license, or as long as you have hardware and an operating system which works with Rhino 5.

Rhino licenses are for one version of Rhino. Service releases for that version are included. To use a later, upgraded version an upgraded or new license is needed.

Hi Tay

I also thought so… but did not add my license to the cloud zoo. I saved it on my computer notes… and my email address is registered and linked to my key. How do I add it to the zoo?

I wanted to install an add-on ( Decahedron creator) and it requires version 6.
That means that I can’t use these new add ons. Which is disappointing .

Thanks David. It makes sense now. I did not realize that the license key was only valid for one version of Rhino as my previous license for the Windows version was valid for version 2, 3 and beyond. Did they change how it works at some point?

Christoff, Your licenses are with a different email and currently locked to a machine. You will need to add your email to your rhino account and remove your license from the locked machine before adding it to your cloud zoo.

If you run into any issues send a message to support or sales.


Thanks Japhy. I remember now, it is still installed on the old laptop, although that laptop is not working anymore. I will do this now. Starting to understand how it all works… Thanks for your help.

Do I need to have the specific computer to remove it, or can it be done remotely?
Problem is that that laptop is not working and it is 300 Miles awayat my brother’s place…

Hi Christoff -

From Rhino 1, a license key was only valid for the version the key was bought for. This never changed.
I see that you bought a Rhino 3 license that you later upgraded to Rhino 5. Perhaps you used a different eMail address for the Rhino 5 for Mac version.
From Rhino 6, license keys can be used on both Windows and Mac.

You can’t add a Rhino 5 license key to the Cloud Zoo. That feature is new from Rhino 6.

Please contact directly to get you sorted.

I’m just curious why you would upgrade from 5 to 6 when (I’m pretty sure) you could have upgraded from 5 to 7 for the same price. Unless you have a really good reason for going to 6 this is probably something else you should take up when you contact sales directly. See

Presumably since your upgrade was recent and you haven’t actually installed and licensed the 6 they would apply your payment to 7. Or maybe you already have a 7 upgrade and don’t know it?
I think there’s also a provision for using 6 with a 7 license, but you would need to check the details.

Christoff, Your account is a hodgepodge of addresses and licenses. Please contact sales from the email account associated with the license.

I only have one license at the moment. Although I changed computers and used different email addresses in the past, I thought my current license is linked to my current email address. I will contact sales to sort this out. Thanks.

I heard there are some problems with 7. Also did not realize that I have to pay to upgrade. ( senior moment)

Version 7 is now at Release 17 and Release Candidate 18. It seems to be pretty stable with no more problems that Rhino 5 or 6 still have.

Indeed, McNeel allows you to download and install Rhino without a license. When you go to use it they let you know the bad news. If that’s what you did then that explains your license issue. Rhino Sales has been very friendly and helpful with me on the few occasions I’ve dealt with them.

No, that is not my issue. I bought a license for V5 thinking that updates include future versions. A bit stupid of me… so my license is only valid for Rhinoceros V5. If I want to upgrade to V 7 then I need to pay again. Thanks for the comment:-)

Okay… an update. And a lesson learned.

So, it turns out that someone else from my previous work place used my license key to upgrade because the individual thought that the software was theirs… he actually changed my old work email ( That I barely visit) linked to my license without my knowledge to his e-mail!

Now I am without a valid license. Anyway. They ( my old work) will give me a refund for my V5 … and I will have to upgrade. It is time anyway.
Luckily one can down load and use an evaluation version that is fully functional. This will at least give me 3 months to save up some cash to pay for a new license. must say, V7 is a huge improvement… there is so much more in there than V5.
Lesson learned. Always make it official if a license gets transferred by filling in the Mcneel transfer forms and change your e-mail linked to your software to your current address.

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You are 100% right… I will rather upgrade to 7.

Yup! that’s why i was saying it was a bit hodgepodge and you needed to contact sales. I was seeing an upgrade already where you were talking about getting one. Good to hear that you got it sorted out and it wasn’t an attempt to hijack a license. There were a lot of red flags.

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Thanks for your help. Problem solved…

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