Rhino License Key Compatibility for MacOS


I purchased rhino5 and rhino6 a while back and been using it very well on my WIN computers and want to continue using it on my recently bought macbook pro.

However, my license key for rh5 is not valid when I try to install the rhino5 for mac.


The question is how to use my license key for mac for rhino? Is the education license also ok in this case?


Not for Rhino 5, no… if you upgraded to Rhino 6, the license is valid for both platforms. Unfortunately you cannot get a free V5 for Mac key with your V6 upgrade license - only full versions qualify - but V6 for Mac is due out very soon.

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Yes, Indeed I have an V6 upgrade license.
So it seems like the solution would be either purchase the full version of V6 or sell my macbook to win-based laptop.
Though, I wouldn’t mind to spend a bit If there were an option to MAC upgrade from the windows upgrades. Buying a full version of an software, which I already have, for a different platform doesn’t make a sense in this case.

You already have a V6 license - which is also valid for Mac Rhino V6. You just need to wait a couple of weeks

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Oh, I see what you mean. Thank you very much for the information.