Educational Version 5 key not accepted for Version 6 Rhino

Educational version 5 key not accepted for version 6

My Key starts with 4 characters that are not what is accepted anywhere in Version 6.
Version 5 kept asking me to update and telling me licenses does not expire.
It replaced my working Version 5 and installed an unsupported Version 6.
One hour after setting up account and fumbling through useless zoo cloud / personal keys… didn’t help. Spent another hour trying to download Version 5 that no longer exists (automatically gives 6).
Need help

Rhino 6 needs it’s own license. Rhino 5 license is not valid for Rhino 6.

A valid Rhino 5 license can be upgraded at a cost to a Rhino 6 license. Contact McNeel or your local reseller.

Where did you try downloading Rhino 5 from?

Downloaded from Rhino. I am happy to use 5 as I am learning the program. Now it’s gone and I can’t re-download 5. I just lost my software. I have no options.
5 was saying free upgrade available… that’s why I did this.

To clarify. Version 5 is no longer on Rhino to download.
Version 6 asked to delete Version 5 when I installed.

Annoyed at myself for doing this on the weekend with no customer service open.
Thanks for the input

Does this work for you?

I’m on a
Mac… trying the link now.

5.5 loaded and is running.
I will check on getting an updated 6 when the offices are open.
Thanks for the band aid. Still learning the program