No license for Rhino 5 found

I can’t even begin to tell Ya’ll just how frustrating this whole new license process is when deadlines have to be met in the real world.

This needs to be fixed…Last time I ran R5 on my system I had no issues and that was after the R6 upgrade. I own the darn software I shouldn’t have to jump thru hoops like a poodle at a circus to use it.

Did I tell you how frustrated I am right now.

I really don’t want to have to learn a new 3d program…Please fix these issues now. Ya’ll had 6 years to work this crap out.

Brian Wheeler
Crystal Marble Co.


Hi Brian,

Can you call 206-545-7000 or chat with us on or email ? I want to know your Rhino 6 license key assuming it was an upgrade of your Rhino 5 license. Your Rhino 5 should still work on the same system that you had it running on before. Rhino 6 uses a new RH60… license and can be used in more ways then the Rhino 5 license.

I’m wondering if the lic file for Rhino 5 got deleted from your system or if you installed Rhino 5 on a new machine. Contact us privately please so we can get the license info. If you have your Rhino 5 license on hand, try entering it with the button to do so on that message.

I’ll call next week…No time to fool with it now…That said I have already called and worked thru this with Brian G. when I first upgraded to R6.


Hey Brian,

I help a lot of people, and I don’t remember what I did to help you last time. Did I remote control your computer? I’m happy to do it again; and I really have no idea what is going on on your end with this.

Feel free to call me direct when you’re ready to get this sorted out: (206) 634-4592.