My last 3 wishes. ...of this week. (make that 6 actually)

Hi McNeel team,

I came here to post 3 things that have been really bugging me in trying to work with SubD, productively. Trying to documents these, I came up with 3 more + a select-though bug in shaded mode. so here they are all.

Can you please give these priority, they are all super basic stuff to work in SubD.

  1. Copy to clipboard selected stuff. No matter what it is.

Please copy and paste this code into Rhino.NextTuesday.Build.

  • If i have stuff selected
  • If I _CopyToClipboard
  • Then you god dam copy it to clipboard
  • Don’t be stubborn like this…

  1. Bevel outline of face selection, don’t make me pick edges. In this case Rhino expects me to pick 8 edges instead of 4 faces, so that’s twice the amount of picks at a much smaller pick target than faces. so it’s about 3X the work.
    Dropbox - 02_bevel_from_faces_not_just_edges_gf_200821.mp4 - Simplify your life

  2. Bevel Pro. I want to bevel geometry as inset:

    Also please notice here an Easter egg free bug report along the way: that I’m selecting-though in a shaded mode, which is totally unconstitutional:
    Dropbox - 03_bevel_pro_gf_200821.mp4 - Simplify your life

  3. I want to be able to match two bevels, or at least manually be able to un-bevel bevel 2, then query the size of the bevel 1, and redo bevel 2 with that number.

  1. Fix Align Vertices, or is it Repair ‘Repair SubD’? so it actually repairs a SubD. Tshi is still broken here, even though I can get it to work by extracting control polygons, aligning vertices and re converting to SubD
    Dropbox - 05_repairing_repair_subD_and_or_align_vertices_gf_200821.mp4 - Simplify your life

  2. This happened earlier this week, and it’s extremely frustrating and counterproductive: Gumball has complete amnesia it’s impossible to work with:
    Dropbox - 06_new_rule_dont_move_my_gumball_cheese_gf_200821.mp4 - Simplify your life

Attached is the file for 05, vertices not merging: 05_not_repaired_SubD.3dm (272.4 KB)

Have a great weekend,



Hi Gustavo - for your CopyPaste item - I assume that what you expect is that selected subobjects, say edges, will be duplicated as plain old top level curves and copied to the clipboard, correct? So that what you have selected to copy to the clipboard and what you paste may be two different and only indirectly related things… ? or should it continue to skip objects that can’t be extracted ‘as is’ like mesh faces etc?

RH-60047 Bevel - allow face selection

@Gustavo - for the BevelPro command - if I understand, you want to be able to tell the command to bevel inside, outside or both, correct?

testMooCow to link two viewports. But as far as I now there is no way to have smooth and box modes in different views.

For the Distance constraint question that is in one of the images or clips, the Distance (nested) command should work but while it seems to do something, it is not quite what I expect - I need to poke at that some more. Hm - there is no distance input in Bevel so I do not see how this can work - there would need to be a base point set and at the moment there is none. I’ll investigate (= ask the developer)

For the Gumball, multiple selection gumballs cannot be remembered, nor can subobjects, in the current state of things- as far as I know that is just how it is for now. I am fairly certain there is a bugtrack item for the thing you point out, but I am not finding it at the moment. I’ll dig some more.


For copy paste of subobjects, what I’ve noticed is:

_Copy does what I intuitively expect and what I think Gustavo is asking for - it copies. _CopyToClipboard ignores subobjects. This applies to SubDs and polysurfaces. With polysurfaces, _CopyToClipboard even returns a message that it ignored subsurfaces if you try to copy them.

_Copy has a weird UX artifact: when the command is in process, it looks like you’re stretching the object by moving the subobjects. Again this is true for both SubD and polysurface subobjects.

Intuitively, the only difference I would want from the UX in terms of what _Copy and _CopyToClipboard do would be that _CopyToClipboard should paste in the original location by default. If it does this with subobjects, I wonder if _ExtractSurface may be redundant. But I always think of these things from the perspective of a brand new user. A newbie who wants to copy a polysurface or SubD subobject is probably going to try ctrl-C first. So it should work when they try it.

About _Bevel: not just _Bevel, but also _Inset should have a command option where if the user preselects or selects multiple faces, they can choose to globally bevel or inset only the perimeter. For face selections that have both an interior hole and a perimeter, choosing a “_global” option (or maybe a better name) should bevel or inset on both the hole and perimeter border.

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Hi Pascal,

If I select a bunch of polys, then copy>paste, I want to see duplicates of those polys pasted. And stay selected since I then I have to go ahead and move them elsewhere. Otherwise I’ll have stacked polys on top of each other.

I’d normally do that by having the faces filter on, so I’d only be selecting (copying and then pasting) polys.

But if I ctrl+shift marque select an area of a model, like to top of that cube in my video, I guess I’d be selecting polygons+edges+vertices? If I understand Rhino’s logic correctly? …still I’d want to only grab/select/extract/coby the highest ranking subject, in this case just the polys.

On the other hand if I selected a bunch fo edges (from a Surface/Polysurface/SubD-Mesh Face) and only edges then I’d want to paste as curves/polylines.

Does that make sense?


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Right, this is the bit I was wondering about - I get it, just making sure, since the copy(selection)/and the paste will be two completely different things.

If you window-sub-select, I do not see how to avoid getting all levels of things pasted… no way to know what you want.


This already sort of works with _Copy. Select a subD vertex, call _copy, and you find yourself moving a point around with a weird stretch effect. Same with edges. Same with faces. Click again and you paste a copy.

And selecting faces and their vertices and edges and calling _copy only copies the faces.

However, if I select faces and an edge that isn’t part of the faces at the same time, _copy ignores the edge.

So most of what we want from _copytoclipboard is already coded in _copy. It just needs to be ported over.

I think Matt is right @pascal, it all works as expected in the _Copy command look:

Thanks guys - I get what you are after - CopyToClipboard does everything exactly like Copy does now when dealing with subobject selection.

RH-60049 CopyToClipboard subobjects - follow the Copy command


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2 things:

  1. We want this, but tied to Ctrl+C / _CopytoClipboard


  1. We have a problem with duplicating edges is faceted mode. go to 1:04 in this video, This is BAD!!!

The same can be done, through Gumball, Alt + Drag

except that I want to drag it 0 mm in X, 0 mm in y and 0 mm in Z :rofl:

I see that, thanks.
RH-60050 Duplicate SubD edges: respect the display
Same for vertices, I see.


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for flat/coplanar faces yes those three options make sense.

But let’s talk the important stuff now that I reeled you in: For non planar ones I want a sliding-style bevel. When means that no faces will ever be at a new angle different of their input faces, like what I did by hand in my green mesh, compared to what Rhino does in the gray mesh

This means that I can super easily modify the bevel amount by sliding those edges, or I can unbevel with a few clicks even if you guys don’t give us an unbevel tool. I can also scale the model and be able to rectify the changes on bevel that the scaling operation did.


Hi Gustavo - we’re on to a different thing though, here, right? Let me pin down the inside-outside thing - like does that make any sense or have any utility other than to fix the alignment case you showed? Would Inset for a group of faces be more appropriate?


You are right. If inset edges is available then yeah we are on a different thing. And maybe that’s a better approach.

My point is that if you add inside-center-outside options to a bevel tool, it would not make a lot fo sense, except for planar bevels.

RH-60050 is fixed in the latest WIP

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