Few questions about meshes and subd cage edition

  1. I click (ctrl+shift) on the imported subd cage (not smoothed) to select a few faces and next I use the copy command or ctrl+C to copy those faces. After pasting it to another file or to another layer I have pasted image instead of polygons. Why?

  2. I have imported subd cage from the obj file. After hitting TAB or using ToSubd command nothing happens. Should I merge those faces somehow to see subd smoothing over imported geometry?
    SUBD_CAGE.3dm (45.1 KB)

  3. I`ve tried to use WeldVertices to weld mesh before changing it to subd but strange shading happen. How to remove vertex shading in Rhino for modeling purposes to see only real mesh without vertex shading?

Hello -

  1. SubObjects are not copied to the clipboard.

  2. ToSubD seems to work fine on your mesh here…

    If you have toggled boxy SubD display (Tab key), it will look identical to the mesh.

  3. Use FlatShade (also a setting in display modes) to see flat meshes.


  1. Polygons are always subobjects (maybe I`m wrong). How to select a few polygons, copy them and paste them into a new layer / new file?

  2. Thanks

select the faces, drag them with gumball and tap alt before you release your drag-

works for mesh and subd

extract faces

hi all, I use a super cute hack for this:

This allow me to duplicate subobjects without moving. I never like to move things that I don’t mean to move.

This is what I use:
! _-Copy



Thanks @gustojunk and @theoutside for your tips. I prefer @gustojunk way because I prefer not to move selected polygons during copy-paste.

@gustojunk: I will use also your Cut Subobjects command :slight_smile:

Feature request: Please make it possible someday to pure copy/paste/cut also for sub-objects (like selected polygons). I think it would be easier for beginners.

I`ve changed your Cut command (it cuts selected polygons (subobjects) and pastes them as the new object):

! _-Copy InPlace _DeleteFaces

nice- thanks for sharing this!

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hi @mdesign, thanks for the suggestion on the cut command. I never got the cut macro to work, and your macro does not seem to _Cut the geometry either, only duplicate it.

My left click ‘copy suboject’ -now modified- does what I expect, It leaves the existing object intact/unedited, and the prior subobject selection is now in my clipboard:
! _-Copy

My right click ‘cut subobject’ never worked, and yours does split the sub-object selection from the original model, but what I’d love to have is something that leaves a ‘hole’ by removing/deleting my previous sub-opject selection, yet leaving it on the clipboard too.

Hi @pascal, would you know how to do that ‘hacky cut’? thanks!


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Hm - not that would work in general, at least nothing comes to mind - you’d need specific ‘Extract*’ commands I guess. For example, this would work with preselected mesh faces:

! _ExtractMeshFaces _Cut


Thanks Pascal …what happens when the si object selection is a bunch of Nurbs surfaces/polysurfaces?

Sorry I didn’t explain that this should work with anything being selected. Maybe I did that subconsciously to reel you in, maybe.


Right, that is what I meant above - I do not see a way to macro a generally useful thing here. I feel a script coming on.




I’ll see if anything smarter than that comes to mind…

A quick look suggests it might not be possible to get at what type of subobjects are selected. Still poking.