Wishes for V7 - Sub-D

Gumball plane scale
Hi guys, I often need to scale parts in both directions of the gumball plane, but if I hold SHIFT down and drag the a scale icon then all 3 dimensions are scaled.


Could we have a SHIFT-ALT drag option to use two directions? It would use the active plane icon as plane and then highlight the two axes involved to show what plane is active.

Now I either scale one and once axis OR scale 3D and rescale 1D one axis, but neither is acurate.



Default material for default layer

I find the default white plaster material limiting for modelling and always change it (I often use a white background and then it just disappera and the shape isn’t easy to read when it has no reflection of the environment)

So I propose to change this to orange plastic or gray plastic (so highlights are visible)


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You mean this?

? When I shift click the icon then I can type in something… how do you do it?
Ah… it only works on subselections, not if the entire object is selected. Thanks, yes, that does the trick, but being able to manipulate the boundry icons (small black squares) are much more acurate than manipulating so close to the center of the gumball.

So if Shift-click could activate both and KEEP that activation so I could pull either one boundry icon then I would be very happy!

You can shift+click and type a number or just drag with shift held down…

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Nice, but it doesn’t work on the entire object. (At least not SubD objects)
(On polysurfaces it works I see now)

It works fine on normal objects. I didn’t try it on SubD objects.

Hmm, seems to work on SubD objects as well here, both full objects or faces…

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Ability to extrude a surface that is ON the mirror plane without merging

When I extrude a surface that has an edge on the mirror axis then the extruded surface is also merged:
I see we will sometimes need to subdivide this surface alone.

I see that if I use “Insert SubD edges” then it works.

Insert SubD edges on faces that are next to each other

I see that fast modelling will need tools to quickly add joined faces, but “Insert SubD edges” ignores them:

While extrude does this:

But then it is extruded straight and not scaled down, and I have to move it down again by eye balling it.

Strange, now it works here too…
Only thing I did was to save. Odd. Thanks though!

Show first selection when bridging

The bridge tool would benefit from showing the first selection in pink or some other color when the second selection is made.
Now it looks like the first selection was ignored and I have to look in the command line to check that I did it right.


Selections and Ctrl-unselections

Being able to toggle on and off VISIBLE ONLY is important for fast modelling.
Now if I try to ALT select these two faces then the not visible ones are also selected.

And that’s all for today folks.
Tomorrow is work, today was home scooling, so I had some time on my hands (to make a hand and play with SubD)

And I have to say: IT IS ROBUST! Works great, but isn’t up to speed for fast modelling just jet :slight_smile:

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One more thing:
Extract faces as duplicates
This is important for fast modelling too.
Either as right click ExtractSurface or with Ctrl-C Ctrl-V the selection.
Copy in place doesn’t work either.

So now I make a duplicate object, extract and delete the rest.

Showing mirror plane

Visually showing the mirror plane would be great too:

I see that if I move the object away from the mirror plane and then do somehting then a duplicate object is made:


So I guess having the mirrorplane as part of the object would be an ide too…

you can change that in your options, then save it as a template, no?

extract surface with copy = on works here, is it not working for you?

Yes, most of my wishes are for vanilla Rhino as I believe it benefits most users :slight_smile:

Great feedback Holo, I’m glad its not just me that finds a lot of friction here.

yes! I also mentioned this yesterday on my feedback to Kyle.

One more thing needed to not having geometry ‘in your way’ is hiding-subobjects or faces.

Like I show here:

This makes a lot more sense than making 5 clipping planes to hide parts of my mesh, like I was showing recently too.



yep…that is awesome. I’ll file it.

Harvesting data from SubD

Hi guys, I am exploring the ability to use SubD for landscape use and see that the data from the subD is massive, and I don’t understand why.
So I have some wishes regarding tolerances for this.

First of all, why is a face converted to a 10x10 nurbs surface? Isn’t that overly accurate? I thought a 4x4 (or maybe 6x6 for curvature and not only tangency) should be sufficient for good transactions.
So here I would like an option when converting. I can still join the 4x4 faces to a clean nurbs.
EDIT: I see that the 4x4 gives some naked edges, but 6x6 doesn’t.

If I now make Contour lines they are much simpler, and even then I can simplify them by fitting them with the file tolerance to make them simpler. (as simple as possible is always a target)