Wish: Subselection copy to clipboard


it would be nice copying subselected objects to clipboard.




Would be useful.

Currently I just do gumball drag with Alt key to get it copied…

As you can duplicate egde, or extract surface as copy , what is the goal to copy subObject to clipboard ?

I think just less clicks and no commands that need to be called (besides ctrl/cmd+C), if one has a regular habit of working with sub-object selection, it might be more muscle-memory favorable…

A bonus might also be able to copy a collection of discreet curves/surfaces plus edges, sub-curves and sub-surfaces all at once to the clipboard in the same operation.


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PreSubselect work with extract surface and dupegde ( only 2 edges for me in V6, and normaly in V5) may be a bug in V6

Edit : Seems to work in V6 , but sometimes somes edges are not duplicated, strange.

but i’m not sure you’ll have less clicks, as what has been copied should be pasted , select > copy > paste or select > extract for the same result

Seems like a logical and expected behavior if ctrl/cmd+C just can copy to the clipboad.
Also if you want edges and surfaces, it’d be less steps than extractsrf and dupedge at a time.

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