Subd motorcycle

here’s a render of the latest SubD challenge. It’s a concept bike I designed in college a loooong time ago…I dusted it off and put the new SubD tools to work- Just a hair under 4 hours total.


Put an electric motor in it. (that yellow spot looks like the right spot) Undercut Zero.

Where do I buy one?.. :wink:

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that would be cool!

float me a million and change and I’ll gladly build it full size for ya!

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Check is in the mail…


i wish electric motorbikes of such simplistic yet streamlined sort would pop up for real, i am not liking any of the current stuff which is available anywhere.

that’s the great thing about rhino… you can build your own! :wink:

Motorbikes were ‘yesterday’…it’s all about ebikes now. Maybe this cool new Bosch concept (to highlight Bosch component) speaks to you @encephalon ?

And speaking of bikes from ‘yesterday’ (pre-SubD :wink:) … here’s one from the garage that ‘broke-the-mold’ IMO, which may have been ogled over about the time you were in college @theoutside. (Or maybe you’re not quite that old?) Runs about as good as I remember it in '85 when new. Pic from this year!

Looking forward to seeing some cool SubD bikes here of any kind!

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I was 15 when that came out…I had a buddy with one and it was magically wonderfully terrifying! So cool you still have it! It’s worth some $$ these days I believe!

Was 17 when it came out, and in love! (Had to wait a few years to raise the cash for an ‘85) You never forget your first love, and why I kept her all these years. Told the wife to burry me with it.

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yes i have seen, does not impress me very… also i have troubles getting the idea fully… i can see that there is a market for those who dont want to buy anything expensive have their bicycle plus some sort of substitution. but what is it about that substitution. does it make our lifes longer? it certainly is not about getting somewhere faster at least for my part i can keep up with these mostly even going upwards, maybe there are some which have a bit more power but what do they gain, a few minutes at most. and you pay the price of becoming less trained.

if you need the speed then go for a bike skip the bicycle, if you need the training dont get a pedelec take a normal bicycle. i love my normal bicycle, in the city that is my nr. 1 transportation and i do it consciously also for the matter of environment. its light fast enough and cheap.

an e motor bike is a whole different story, that is about leisure time and experience and maybe about speed and getting somewhere faster. and i most certainly would not want to sit on a e bicycle for 200 km in one go if it would be possible at all. that is ok for an e motor bike.

well maybe i have to rethink all that, anyway idk. but i personally would aim for some speed in combo with the real deal training.