Create Filled Region


I’m trying to create a filled region using the workflow as described in the online guides but it doesnt seem to work. I dont get an error message either. Does anyone know why?

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There’s an error in the create filled region code.

line 29:
revit_curves = [Convert.ToHost(x) for x in C]

Should be
revit_curves = [Convert.Geometry.GeometryEncoder.ToCurve(x) for x in C]

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Hi Japhy,

Thank you for your answer.

How and where can I change this?

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Double click on the component icon (pink)

Brilliant. Thank you!

@Japhy , I am trying to create a custom pattern as a Filled Region. unfortunately the node " Find Filled Region Type" does not work.

Hi Pixypk,

You can find the Filled Regions Types via Query Types.

Narrow down your list by filtering by Detail items category.

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Hi Japhy, I have another question, is it possible to align a Material_ model hatch pattern for a selected element via GH?

Not impossible with some scripting. See post 15 on this thread for a rough idea.

Can you tell me a little more about the workflow? Type of Element(s) and methodology of alignment?

I’ll add Align to Reference as a feature request.

@Japhy, sure. I am working on an office building that has different types of rooms with different ceiling materials. I have sorted the office rooms by ceiling material and created different tile options for the suspended ceilings. In my first attempt I brought the pattern as detail lines which made the Revit model very heavy.
Now I want to see if it is possible to create a pattern on the ceiling material and align each room’s pattern to the pattern I have for it in GH. Doing this for each room for 15 floors by hand in Revit is not fun …