Multiple Shadows VRay

I added a sun system and switched from default to the sun light I manually added in the Environment GI option. But for some reason it looks like it is casting multiple shadows. There are no other lights in the system. When I take out the light there appears to be one default light source but i cannot locate it in my layers. How do i turn off the default light it seems to be keeping and set the light I added to the only light source for shadows?

There is two way to create sun in V-Ray, one is with the V-Ray icon in the toolbar and the other is to use the Rhino sun panel. You should not use both at the same time, if you are using the Rhino panel sun, be sure that the Rhino Document sun is selected in the Environment. If you use the Sun icon in the V-Ray tololbar, be sure that the sun in the Rhino panel is disable. Also, be sure that in the environment, you are not using the Rhino document sun, but the other sun.

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Yes I followed everything you said. Even deleted the sun i had and added a new one from the vray sun pannel. Still some strange shadows.