My Vray render is way too bright! What do I need to check.?

Vray driving me up the wall again… I have Vray sun and I have followed Dave Schultze iso settings. but still is it washed out unless I turn down the intensity to 0.1 on sun which is not correct - something else is happening? Any ideas?

i turn down the intensity all the time, but also iso and shutter speed do alot,…color mapping settings, srgb checked or not in the frame buffer?..

I think there is another light source that I am not seeing but I have turned off rhino sun… This not a frame buffer issue… Thank you

So I removed the Vray sun - Switched default render to Rhino - Make sure sun off - Switched back to Vray render, added a new sun and all seems ok now…

I think Vray Sun gets confused sometimes - like me…

1 more question for you Vray experts - Is it possible to setup a number of different views and render overnight?

In Keyshot you can setup many different views and then render in background and it will work its way through all the different views… Can Vray do this?

Hi @rfollett, For your brightness problem I would leave lighting multipliers at normal and adjust scene brightness using the physical camera settings. Once you have the scene lighting more balanced with the right camera settings, then you can tweak specific lights that are causing nasty reflections etc. but it sounds like you are using a single sun system.
Also remember that Rhino Sun and Vray sun are not the same thing, although Vray can make use of the Rhino sun.
Also, if you delete or disable the vray sun then vray will use the default Rhino lighting in the scene.
Check how many suns are in your scene under the lighting tab and disable the rhino sun. Overbright scene can also be the result of a double sun setup. Try changing your vray sun direction and see if the shadow directions etc. are effected. If not then you probably have the Rhino sun in there too.

For your Background render question:
I haven’t used badger, but it might be what you are looking for. Looks asif it sells for $79. Michael VS
Also, you will probably get a better response by starting a new topic with this question.

Batch rendering is possible in vray, check:

i have badger and quite like it, though the latest SR of Vray has a batch render built in,…

cheers Guys