Second rendering in vray 2 for rhino 5

This is my second rendering with vray for rhino.
My first problem is, how to use the good sun?
I send here three pictures.
The picture that is finished with tree, cars, is my first rendering with rhino for vray.
I was using only sun of rhino, after seeing tutorial on youtube.
Now, for this second rendering that is the picture that you see here, without trees, first, i was using same parameters that in the first picture. But it was very dark.
And i decided to use vray sun, but, as you can see here, frontground of the building lokks like blue, at the right of the picture, the building is so white, like burnt by the sun… moreover, even if i used a pitcure of a sky, nothing of a sky appears…
I join too, screenshots of my parameters for this picture.
And i join two ways for the picture, with different parameters.

Thanks so much for help me!
I read too in a youtube tutorial that you can use too domelight, but i try and it’s awful…

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Thanks for help me! :smiley:

Please see my recommendations on the post you made on Chaosgroup’s forum.

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Hi! Thanks but i have lost how to go to the Chaos Group Forum!