Multiple Shadows -Diva's & camera-based directional lights's Shadow

I am new to Rhino and Grasshopper. I am I’ve been struggling with the problem of displaying multiple shadows at the same time whenever I use Diva’s Sun Path component. I’ve searched the forum about a fix for a similar problem and found these;


I tried working my way through turning on/off the lights to find the interfering light which works as long as I don’t change the time for another simulation in the Sun Path component in Diva.

Can you help me find out how to disable these camera-based directional lights and keeping them off!?
attached screenshots of the problem.

Thank you in advance for considering providing you help!

Hello - this might be a question for the Diva forum


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The similarities between this issue and the ones mentioned in the links about the extra lights encouraged me to ask here. I will try to ask in the Diva’s forum.

Hello - yep, sure, might as well, but I don’t knowhow much Diva exprttise you’ll encounter here - if you can reproduce the problem without Diva involved, then I’m all ears.