Sun Path - Diva - Shadow isn't appearing

Hi everybody!
I’m Martina, from São Paulo, Brazil.
I’m starting now to learn about how to use Grasshopper and Rhino.
Especially now I’m trying to do a Sun Path according this video:

However, shadow isn’t appearing in my case.
I am in Diva Sun Path View but there is no shadow (screen shot).
In addition I would like to introduce Location by latitude and longitude, but do not know where I should introduce the values.

Somebody could you help me?

Really Thanks,

Hello. Have you tried to ask this question on the DIVA discussion forum?

Hello!Yes, but I don’t understand how I can solve the problem.I’ve tried to do a vector based shadow analysis but my brep do not project shadows on the ground. Attached the screenshot.Any suggestion?
Thanks you.

The red components have errors. What are the errors they are reporting?

Thank you for replaying…The error is:
Data Conversion failed from Mesh to Curve.All curves failed to load.
How can I solve it?