2 shadows?


in the WIP from 11/09, I get 2 shadows in shaded mode:

Sun and Skylight are off.


Yep, some sort of interesting phantom shadow which appears and disappears - seems almost as if the light producing it is coming from underneath…


Still seen in (6.0.16327.14151, 22.11.2016)…

Yep, thanks - I think this is what you get from Shaded if you turn on shadows… there are several lights in the default Shaded setup, and I guess only one should be casting shadows at all.



Release target 6.1?
Means, the fresh V6 will have this obvious error?


Release target 6.1 means it won’t hold up 6.0. But if the dev responsible gets to it before 6.0 gets shipped it might make it. It probably isn’t a critical bug (although a glaringly obvious thing).