DIVA Sun Path Shadow Not Showing

Hey all,

Trying to use DIVA Sun Path component but when I do the shadows aren’t showing up. I’m in the “DivaSunPath6” display mode, and still nothing. I’ve tried saving my file, and it doesn’t change how the shadows show up.

And for whatever reason, as of right now, the DIVA forum has disappeared, replaced by a 404 not found error.

Hi Sam -

That doesn’t sound good and I’m afraid I haven’t seen any DIVA users around here.
I see that Solemma writes that they “will actively maintain the software until the end of 2020”, which, to me, sounds like there won’t be maintenance after 2020.

On their DIVA for Rhino Training page, you will find this eMail address: support@solemma.com

Perhaps you could also take a look at the Ladybug tools:


Hi wim,

Yeah, I saw that on the website, which makes me think that they got rid of the DIVA forum (maybe to be replaced with a Climate Studio forum once they phase DIVA out completely? I hope so).

I had a professor who’s on the development team, so I’ll try to contact him and find out what’s going on.

As of right now, I’ve been looking at Ladybug, although I’ve also been running into issues with one of their resources for sharing scripts/tutorials (Hydra). I’ve posted a bug on their GitHub page and I’m hoping to make some headway with the issue soon.

Thanks for the reply,

Hi Sam,

I also met this problem today. That might be a problem of your rhino display settings. If you open the rhino-options-view-display modes-divasunpath6, under the viewport settings-ground plane settings, check the “Shadow only”, the shadow will appear. But very light gray.
Here is a screenshot of my settings, I only changed the “Shadow only” option.
Try it. Let me know if this helps you.


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Hi ruxin,

I was able to talk to one of the DIVA creators, and I found out the reason I was having issues was because of a known conflict between DIVA’s SunPath6 view and something in vray, which I also have installed.

I was able to resolve the issue by uninstalling vray for the period of time where I needed sunpath diagrams.

I also was able to get access to DIVA’s new software, ClimateStudio, and the SunPath6 conflict with vray also exists in ClimateStudio.

Am interested to hear whether or not you have vray installed.


Hey thanks @ruxinx your solution totally solved the problem for me, and it saved my thesis for sure!
However, there’s an additional shadow which always treats my view-port as a light source and thus the additional shadow moves as I pan or orbit across the mode. The DIVA sun path shadows are working great but it’d be great if you could maybe look into this extra shadow too.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Sam!
Yes I do have vray installed. I hope the next version could solve this problem.
Thank you!