Multipipe woes and wishes

Hi @DanielPiker

I’m trying to use multipipe in my workflow.

But many times really I want the ExtractControlPolygon with it set to hard edge by using the unweld command after running ExtractControlPolygon.

Many times the object is pinched (I had to move a mesh vertex after creating ExtractControlPolygon)
Many times the object turns black not displaying any color
If I unweld the textures don’t map and the ExtractControlPolygon doesn’t shade at all.
If I use the object properties pipe command that gets textures and shading. (see attached file)

I must be doing something wrong to expect this to work?

I wish you would make a bullet proof one step command that can remove a ControlPolygon without all these steps and not have all this pinching and texture mapping problems.
I wish the command would not complete and let the user redo the inputs especially pipe radius.
I wish it were parametric so I could change the settings like object properties pipe.
I wish it were more forgiving and not cause pinching if the underlying line structure is not ideal.
I wish we could do more profiles and have the pipes be square to the cplane and not rotated at an angle.

Perhaps this needs to be reworked as a command not so tied to subd and the gh interface where some of the above issues don’t exsist. I know you didn’t originally design it for these needs.

I need to keep polygon counts low so I use this method until I need detail in my model since I have insane amounts of trussing to do. I found that the sub-d is too heavy in Poly count and I’m getting better results most of the time using the object properties pipe command anyways. But at some point I’ll need to actually model the trussing which using multipipe is a precursor to.
Thanks for your consideration,

Model attached
multiPipeStuff.3dm (191.9 KB)

This bit is on the pile - I also find it hard to use and a bit rough, still, UI wise.


Hi @3dsynergy

Thank you for this feedback.

Some of the points I understand and already have on the list to fix. Some are already fixed in the GH version and the command line version just needs catching up.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean about ‘pinched’?

‘Many times the object turns black not displaying any color’
I don’t understand this one- do you have an example where this occurs?

Including an option for it to output a mesh instead of a SubD should be straightforward.

Texture mapping hasn’t really been considered for this command at all yet, but it’s something we can think about.

Agreed - generally the UI of the Rhino command is overdue a tune-up. The plan is to bring it more in line with other commands in terms of the order and editability of the inputs.

‘have the pipes be square to the cplane’
This bit is possible now in GH (see here), but yes it should be possible to add as an option on the Rhino command.

Hi @pascal @DanielPiker
Thanks for working on this for Vanilla Rhino. I do know some of this is covered in GH already.

I did run into it a bit in a certain file but I couldn’t reproduce it again in the example file I attached, I’ll post an example if it occurs again.

If you look in the file the multipipe has a pinch on the top of it, if you tab to see the control polygon. I know it’s my rough modeling but it would be great in future not to have to worry about that.

Perhaps more of a truss maker than multipipe (multipipe/subd is really slick but more for surfacing I feel). What I wish for is to add basic profiles and the best would be to make it non destructive like the object properties pipe does. Texture mapping is a must for me. One click mesh with uvs etc would be great or something along those lines.

GH is really great for a lot of this but many times I’m roughing out models and I need a quick fix instead of GH thus my requests.

I’m excited to see what you come up for V8, especially the ability to set radius etc and not have to constantly redo the command to get it right, as Pascal commented too the UI seems a tad clunky.
Thanks for your fast reply and consideration