Can't do SUBD Multipipe on structure

When doing subD multipipe on this structure, i get something weird like on the picture. It is not continuous. And also it only works when Smoothness is to 0 (strut division), why ?

DPACK7.2.rar (8.7 MB)

Perhaps the problem is that you’re using the “Corporate Build” of Rhino (cracked / pirated).



Maybe yes. If you prove me it works on a paid version, i’ll buy it.

Your geometry looks a little messy… and… no

I’m always astonished how users of cracked software expect other users to help them? A huge portion if not the majority of responses are done by users who are not payed by Rhino. I enjoy helping because in some situations I also benefit from other users and sometimes I also just need a little challenge to use my brain for something else…

Using a cracked license does not not help to the development of Rhino, yet you expect forum users to help you? Really?



There were some bugs in the earlier versions that are fixed now (in service releases I guess you won’t have access to in a cracked version). If you extract just the curves you’re trying to run it on, I’ll show what output you get in the current release.

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You mean extract wireframe ? I did it here. Thank you
DPACK7.2.rar (8.8 MB)

I meant a file of just the input curves you want to pipe - it shouldn’t need to be a 9MB file.

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DPACK7.2.rar (8.7 MB)

WHat i did and it is still 9 mb …



This is why the 90 day trial exists.

Amazing. I guess i’ll have to buy it now :wink: