Extract softedge mesh


Is there a way to extract the soft edge mesh?



Hi Rafa - ExtractRenderMesh should get the softened mesh.


It doesn’t work. Maybe something is changed. But the command _ExtractPipedCurve doe’s the job.

Hi Micha - I just tried it here and it does seem to work - can you send me an example of it’s not working (ExtractRenderMesh not getting the softened mesh)
Softened mesh.3dm (87.3 KB)


Hi Pascal,

here a model where I can’t extract the mesh. I select the curve with
enabled piping and start _extractrendermesh -> Rhino tells me: “Select
surfaces, polysurfaces, meshes, extrusions and block instances:”. I
don’t know why but the piped curve can’t be selected.


Rhino pipe extracting.3dm (871 KB)

Ah, ok, for a ‘piped’ curve, ExtractPipedCurve is the thing. I suppose it should be part of ExtractRenderMesh but it is not, so far…


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Sorry, I mixed the topics. I was looking for a extraction command and discourse shows me this topic.

But it could be nice if extract render mesh could do the job. Seldom needed it’s not easy to found. Please create a ticket for:

  • _ExtractPipedCurve could be placed at the RMB of the curve piping button
  • _extracRenderMesh could be supported too