_Pipe command: possible bug?

I’ve been working on a personal design project lately and have encountered some inconsistencies with the _Pipe command. I’m unsure if other Rhino for Mac users have experienced similar issues, but thought I’d share a workaround.

There must be some bug where if a curve exceeds a certain length, the pipe created will be malformed especially at curve _Fillet locations and it also appears that where one selects the start of a pipe can alter the outcome.

What seemed to work, for me at least, was to split the curve into multiple sections (5 in my example), use the pipe command on each of those 5 sections, then _BooleanUnion the sections together to form one single polysurface. Pipe start and end radii are the same.

Pipe versions, explanation:

Malformed Pipe 3 & 4, partial examples:

Pipe 1 example (piped correctly):

Yeah - it is hard for Pipe to get the directions consistently correct when the path curve doubles back on itself - splitting the curve up is a good way out- if you set Cap=None and Join rather than BU solid sections it may be a bit cleaner as well. Can you please post the path curve you are using? I’d like to put it in the pile of test cases.



Thank you @pascal. I just sent a message with the .3dm file attached.

Got it, thanks- it looks like in this case at least, using the FitRail setting cleans it up- the result is all one surface along the length of the pipe however.


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I was just about to post a similar question for PC, but my form is much simpler than the one you’ve posted.

It’s easily rectified but can be pain with workflow…

If I break the form and try it with smaller chunks it gets worse

I’ll chop out and mirror the bits from the fist attempt, FitRail works but it makes a messy object to render and UV map.