Mtl import issue Rhino - Vray

Hi, would like to export my model in OBJ + MTL for ThreeJS
i tried to import the obj in rhino once again, the model is here but without mtl
How can i do it ?
for ThreeJS, do have i to import lighting too ? thanks

Can you give an example object that you materialized and exported as obj with material? In any case the obj material is going to be very limited, and I don’t think I ever had any material properties being converted back into Rhino materials. In what way is this related to V-Ray? I’m not familiar with ThreeJS directly but I am with Verge3d, which is built on ThreeJS. What I do is take my Rhino objects to Blender and take the process to WebGL from there.

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Hi, thanks for your answer!
How do you do for your material , light etc? do you adjust material of your rhino obj on Blender ? or do you import material into blender ?

I would recommend to do all the materalization in Blender. The goal (at least in my case) is to eventually export it to gltf. Blender’s material node system is very helpful and you can unwrap Rhino objects and bake ambient occlusion to textures, which is very powerlful