Problem Importing OBJ with textures


I downloaded a beautiful model of a bed to test one of my internal scenes. It comes as either a .max, .fbx, .obj +.mtl. All textures are also included in the folder.

However, I tried importing the obj but it tells me that it is ‘‘Unable to find or open (file location…\bed_01.mtl). Materials will be ignored’’. I’m not quite sure what could be causing this, the mtl file is present in the same folder as the OBJ, as are all of the textures.

I would try to upload some of these files but unfortunately it seems I am not allowed to upload OBJ / mtl files?


Hi Sam - please zip up all the files and send to, to my attention., Please include a link back to this topic in your comments.


Thanks Pascal but not to worry, I sent them in a bit earlier and apparently changing the .mtl to .txt showed that there was an issue with how the obj / mtl was exported. I’ve just remapped the textures manually in rhino for the time being.

Thanks anyway