Import .mtl into Rhino/vray?

Hi - I’m trying to import some 3D plants that are .obj and .mtl. I can open the .obj, but I’m not able to link it to the .mtl, does anyone know how to do this?
Thanks in advance!

I have the same problem. The MTL file is in the same directory as the OBJ file and on opening, the MTL file is ignored. I’m not too thrilled that no one from McNeel has answered your question after 29 days.

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Can you post the obj, mtl and any texture maps used in it? This recent post may help identify the problem as well.

This one indeed went unnoticed, apologies. Make sure to email to contact Rhino support directly with any issue as well. Do you have a sample file you can post or send for this one? Also indicate the version of Rhino and any plugins involved.

The files batmobile.obj and batmobile.mtl are in the same directory. Within that directory is a sub-directory named Maps. Within the Maps sub-directory all of the attached JPG files.

Thanks for the extra info. I don’t see an uploaded obj and mtl file to try here though I believe the issue is that your textures are in a sub folder. Try moving them to the same folder as the obj and mtl. If that doesn’t work, rename the mtl file extension to txt and open it in a text editor. Do you see the texture names? If not, they weren’t written to the mtl file.