Logitech MX Master Thumb Wheel

Hi there! I’m working with the Logitech MX Master Mouse, especially because of the very practical extra thumb wheel. Is there any possibility to make it work in Rhino for Mac?
I already checked the Mouse preferences in Rhino, but it seems there is no option for a second mouse wheel.
I’d like to have it scrolling horizontally, while the normal mouse wheel would zoom/scroll vertically…
Thank you!

not in rhino… if then only from logitech driver software which would translate hopefully anything into the 2nd wheel. my g pro has some options for the other keys. its not that easy to get them to comply though, at least not a about a year ago when i tried last.

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yes I tried to, but it seem there is no option for scrolling horizontally in Rhino. So I can set the thumb wheel for horizontal scroll in the Logitech setup, but it wouldn’t work in Rhino. (If I set the thumb wheel to zoom in the Logitech setup for example, it works)
Thanks anyways!

For future-Rhino: would be nice to have that option! (since it is possible to scroll vertically on the plan)

yes i agree something should be done in the rhino setup for buttons anyway, buttons do not indicate, nothing configurable. sadly its a long time like that, basically since the option started existing. can only hope that the new windows version will be shipping soon, meaning that the mac version might get some more attention again.

I’ve just asked about the MX3 another related question - I can’t seem to make any change to the scrolling speed for zooming. I’m in the options prefs and making any change to the scroll speed is useless. I also checked if the horizontal wheel would zoom! Its actually a better feel but like you I’m a bit disappointed. Are you satisfied with the scrolling speed/zoom?