Recent Commands popup on mouse wheel click


I’m trying to find a way to get the recent commands popup on mouse wheel click that is possible in Rhino for Windows. That option isn’t available on the mouse preferences menu. Is there a way to use a macro or a custom menu to do this?


I cannot test on windows here, but if you Right+click you get last used commands, up to 20 maybe?

On mouse wheel click you get standard or customized list of commands.

Mouse wheel on Windows gives same as Mac, correct?

I thought right click on command line in Windows gives last used commands.

Not sure what you mean by latest, last used? commands.

Thanks for your feedback @rhinorudi.

Rhino for Mac came with context menus enabled and when I right+click I would get the context menu you showed. But I prefer having Right+Click to repeat last command (without having to go into menus), and the option to have the context menu delayed isn’t working on my machine, which might be a bug. So I can’t have both of them on the mouses’ right bottom.

On Rhino for Windows you can configure the middle mouse bottom or scroll wheel to show the Recent Commands popup menu (MRU). I find this really useful since I usually do sequences of three or more commands repeatedly.
It seems that there is no way to configure the mouse like I would like to use it at the moment, so I tried to use PopUpPopular command configured to the middle bottom but still with no success.


@Filipe_Brandao you could write a macro for your 3 or 4 commands and then give it a keyboard shortcut.

An example of a macro on this thread … Set options in a macro

Spacebar repeats last executed command, if that helps.

You could also write a python script of your repeating commands and give that an Alias or keyboard shortcut.

I created these Alases to run some python scripts I wrote …

You can also make custom keyboard commands or add a macro to a button in Commands Editor …

Here I have added commands to a toolbar button …

I know this doesn’t address your Run Recent Commands issue. I believe changing topic from Latest Commands to Recent Commands may get other people onboard to discuss this request.

All the best


Thanks @rhinorudi for your thorough reply.

I’ve done as you suggested and changed the topic. I will look into the macro thread, I might be able to produce a macro and assign it to the middle button.


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