Denoiser I tried the new feature and go this message: Error: Found no supported devices

I tried the new Denoiser feature and go this message. I downloaded all three should I just download 1?: Error: Found no supported devices. Any idea how to get this to work? I did restart rhino

I did try only nvidia and it says: Failed to initialize NVIDIA OptiX.

Your video cards is an Nvidia card, so try the Nvidia denoiser. You also can try the Intel denoiser which will work on any computer.

The cars you have is too old for Optix I suspect. I would move to the Intel on this case.

Thanks Scott for the speedy response! I thought it said download all three for some reason so thanks for clearing that up!

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I use an Nvidia card (RTX 2080) mostly myself but like the Intel denoiser to be honest as I find it behaves better when also using the GPU for the raytracing. The Intel denoiser will work on any CPU as well, it’s just a little slower to get to the result than the Nvidia one in my experience but the results are the same in my opinion.