Modifying radius and chamfer at solids

Hi all,
I’m back at Rhino since many years.
1st day and I have big problems :frowning:
When I integrate a chamfer or a radius on a solid cube I can’t delete or change it afterwards…is that right?
I know from other CAD-/modelling programs that this should be work.
But what is with Rhino?
I have download the latest version for MAC.

I appreciate any help.

thanks and regards sven

What you’re describing is what is called a fillet “feature”. They are typically found in parametric solid modelers.
In Rhino, fillets are not features, they are surfaces, so there is no “parameter” to change.

In Rhino V6, we are working on an edit feature for fillets. They are still surfaces, but can be modified within the modeling session. When the file is saved and reopened, the ability to edit them is lost. It’s a step towards replacing fillet surfaces with a feature definition.

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Thanks John for reply.
That’s sad…is there a work around how I can change the fillets/chamfers?
In case I’m designing something and later the customer want to change the fillet size. If there is no chance to modify them…then I have big problems :frowning:

And hopefully in V6 there is this modify function included.

Yes, but depending on the situation, it might be rather complicated. You’ll have to extract the fillet/chamfer surfaces and delete those. Then untrim neighboring surfaces and make new fillets or chamfers.

It is in RH6 for Windows but, as John said, only works within a Rhino session. So in the case where your customer later wants a different size, this is not going to help.

The advice has always been to save a copy of your geometry in the pre-filleted state and only apply fillets at the very end of the design process.

thanks wim for fast feedback. Ok then I will look for my workflow how I can go forward in case of modifying chamfer/fillets