Native solid and feature editing

I have been playing with this software for a few days and have created a simple solid model that i have subtracted another solid from and added offset edges to extrude to core out a area to form walls. I used solid fillet to create rounded edges. One problem I had with fillets was blending 3 corner fillet. the fillet did not trim correctly and would leave a hole in the model or it would leave what looks like a extended surface. Another question is about editing fillet radius in history.
My question is can I change any features added to the native solid after extensive modeling.

you can upload the .3dm here so people can look at the fillet problem you’re having and suggest alternatives. (drag/drop the .3dm into a reply window and it will upload/attach)

as far as coming back to a fillet later and changing its parameters… no, it’s generally a destructive process (once you do it… it’s done)… there are ways to better deal with this including keeping pre-filleted copies of the geometry on other layers, versioning in mac let’s you go back in a model and copy/paste it to the current state, filleting at the proper time, etc.

basically, you learn how to model properly by doing it the wrong way first :smile: …keep practicing.

I was use to parametric modeling such as what I use to use in Mechanical Desktop in Autocad and Unigrapics.
I will upload the file and explain what I was playing with in it. If you notice the inside cored out area I tried to blend 3 corner .125 fillets to the inside corner and the center 90 degree edge in the center of the part. I could of originally created those radiuses on the solid I created for the subtraction, Like I said, I’m use to parametric modeling. I would be happy to help you in anyway with your beta testing of the Mac software.