How to change a fillet radius after creation?

This is a newbie question:

I have history permanently enabled, but I don’t know how to change the radius of a fillet after creation, since that’s a parameter you enter in the command line when you create the surface in the first place.

Searching led me to this, but this is a very old video, and I don’t know if this panel exists anymore:

The video is about the RhinoDirect plug-in which was previously available from a third party.It may not be available any more.

Rhino is not parametric unlike some other CAD software. In general it is not possible to alter geometry after creation by changing parameters.

Oh. Too bad that was a plug-in.

I know Rhino isn’t parametric, but Alias isn’t either, an it has something called “query edit”, which enables you to basically bring back the command which created a surface with history, and change the parameters.

I was hoping Rhino had something similar, especially for fillets, since that would probably be something people want to change quite often.

In Rhino 6 you can modify FilletEdge to some extent, within a session. But better workflow is to always save a copy of the unfilleted parts. That being said, if you do happen to have a model where you want to change fillets, you can always get the job done with surface modeling tools (ExtendSrf, Filletsrf)

FilletEdge has an Edit option which allows changing the fillet handle values after a fillet was previously created using FilletEdge.

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This is an excellent function. Thanks for sharing. I’m doing a course from udemy. While it is brilliant in explaining the functions, there are not much help in adjusting the part.

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