Modify Fillet


My apologies if this is a super basic question - I wasn’t able to find a clear answer in the forums or on Google.

It looks like it is not possible to modify a fillet once it has been made in Rhino 5. This is a feature which is readily available in other software, such as in Solidworks. Am I overlooking this capability?

If it is not possible to modify a fillet once it has been made, what is a useful work around or work flow?


(Wim Dekeyser) #2

No. That type of functionality is available in parametric modelers. Rhino is not parametric. (That said, that feature will be available in RH6 to a certain limited extend).

The typical workflow is to wait with fillets until the last step in the design process and to keep a non-filleted version around as a backup. Else, you could extract the fillets and surrounding surfaces and delete the fillet, untrim the other surfaces, join up again and fillet with new radius.


In addition to wim’s advice - work on the model without fillets and rely on copying and moving an instance of the model to the left or right in plan by a set distance. This will pay dividends when applying fillets or trying to unpick something you’ve done but would like to reverse.

Moving by a set distance of say 1m or 5m (depending on the size) means you don’t have issues with snapping to a point and moving the model out of whack with the bits you’re trying to rectify.

Especially when working with simple planar geometry, chopping bits out of an old model and moving them back into position into a new version will allow you to make best use of the software without having to rely on the lack of parametric options.

It can be a pain but you develop a way of working which fits the software’s capability.



Assuming the request is about solids … if the new fillet radius is larger, just use FilletSrf, adjust the surfaces if needed and finally Join to get a single solid again.